Being busy and wanting to stay well, look and feel good, have energy is tricky.

You have probably tried to find the time to do whatís right: fail!

Or you may actually be doing stuff you think is right but not getting the results you want.  

You need a clever solution to a tricky problem.

And what better way to get that solution than brainstorming with an expert?

Enter the...

The Busy Body's Lifestyle Hack

Itís a
one-on-one session with your healthy habits for busy people expert, Gregory Anne Cox. And it starts with an assessment of where you are now. Pretty simple, you answer questions on an online form.

You will also decide where you want to be instead of where you are.

Then we map the gap, give you the directions to get there, and keep in contact with you along the way.

This is the most affordable personalized coaching you can get!

No matter where you are on the road to successfully achieving the goals you set into place for your business, body, and life, the opportunity to strategize with an expert is a shortcut to getting there.

Why one-on-one?

Because one size fits all lifestyle recommendations just do not work. They canít ó because each of us is biochemically different. This means that there are some folks who can eat carbs all day and run like the wind, while others (like me) need more of a protein plan with some carbs to feel our best and stay energized and focused.

Letís not forget our personalities and preferences. If you donít like kale or running, why would someone tell you to do that to get healthy?

If you donít like something, you ainít going to stick with doing it ó unless you have a steel will. But whereís the JOY in that?

In the world of Rebellious Wellness, if you have to eat, then it might as well be delicious!


What can you expect from your time and investment?

  • Know how to manage your energy to get you through whatever your day can throw at you
  • Get to know your bodyís preferred fuel so that you can be at a weight you love
  • Walk away with at least 3 hacks to your existing routine that will begin to build your health every day muscle
  • Know what habits are not supportive even if they sound healthy
  • Learn the truth about exercise ó For YOU ó so you can get the max impact from the least amount of time.


Not used to asking for help?

Every successful person has a mentor or coach in their lives; some have more than one. If you are frustrated with the way you feel or the results you are getting now ó figuring it out on your own ó let me help. Years of experience and a good dose of intuition means no more trying to figure it out. Youíll have clarity around what to do each day, and it will feel like a fit for you.

This one-on-one coaching is great if you have a speaking gig or a special event coming up and you want to look and feel better than ever. Or maybe itís time to get some healthy habits in place to reverse a trend you donít like.

Hereís what you get:

  • An online assessment thatís a snapshot of your current day-to-day
  • An hour-long skpye or phone session, (recorded), where weíll map the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and youíll have action steps to take
  • A weekly email check-in form
  • Email access 24/7 for questions, or if you need a lifeline.

This is a no-brainer if you are fed up with not looking or feeling the way you know you can if only you knew what to do, and if what you are doing will get you where you want to be.

To Your Health,

Gregory Anne

If you’ve never experienced one-on-one coaching before and think it might be a bit scary, lose that limiting belief! Coaching is just a powerful conversation, all about you, with someone who has your best interest at heart.