Gregory Anne Cox

Gregory Anne Cox

Gregory Anne entertains, educates and engages audiences with the truth about food and health.
She specializes in health strategies for busy people and corporate teams. 

This is what happens at your age” is a dismissal, and simply not true no matter what your age, says Gregory Anne. And she’s out to rally those who have heard that and aren’t ready to slow down, give up, and feel like a tired old person when they have lots of life left to live.

Gregory Anne specializes in health strategies for busy people and corporate teams as well as a recognized food expert.

Whether coaching one-on-one, facilitating groups or working with seminar participants, her clients have shed unwanted weight, regained their sanity and lowered their stress. The results are dramatic and lifestyle altering. Clients can step more fully into their lives and businesses once they look and feel their best.

Gregory Anne is straight talking, humorous, and does not teach the conventional wisdom or the same old health advice. Some of her topics include:

  • Your Genes do Not Determine The Size of Your Jeans (based on her book of the same name)
  • The Down & Dirty 5 Strategies to Keep Your Energy Up and Your Weight Where You Like It
  • Break The Rules, Life Should Be Delicious!
  • Itchy, Bitchy, Fat and Frazzled – What To Do When Your Body Has A Mind of Its Own
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Gregory Anne is not only inspirational and motivational in her presentations. She has a flair for humor which allows the audience to feel comfortable and at ease. Workshop feedback is always excellent and she leaves audiences wanting more!

As Featured In…

New York Times
Gourmet Magazine
Daily News
San Diego Magazine
San Diego Union Tribune
New York Post
Los Angeles Times

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