Aura Cacia - Aromatherapy Car Diffuser

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Transform your drive with the power of aromatherapy. This easy-to-use plug-in diffuser plugs into your car’s standard 12V round lighter socket. It uses a low level of heat to volatilize your favorite essential oils. 

  • Diffuser unit powers a safe-to-touch, low-heat filament that warms a slide-in diffusor pad.
  • Diffuser pad area designed to project aroma.
  • Unit comes with 5 refill diffuser pads.

For best results, use a new diffuser pad when switching oils.

Contains 1 diffuser unit and 5 refill pads.


Apply 4-6 drops of your favorite Aura Cacia 100% pure essential oils, or a blend of oils, slide pad into diffuser and plug unit into lighter outlet.