Aura Cacia Manuka Essential Oil .50 Fl Oz.

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Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) essential oil is a gentle addition to any user's essential oil kit. This protective and cleansing oil provides balance and support on many levels.

Aura Cacia Manuka Essential Oil is sourced from its native New Zealand. 

.50 oz.

  • Balancing and cleansing, manuka is an ideal essential oil for simple, effective skin care. It has a powerful protective nature and can benefit many DIY applications.
  • Manuka essential oil can go well in chest balms and breath diffusions.
  • Cleansing to the home, this protective oil makes a wonderful addition to homemade surface cleaners.
  • Considered a middle note, manuka pairs well with frankincense, black pepper and citrus oils such as sweet orange.